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The Silvana Chronicles: Book 3


A Silvanan sapling is uprooted, her mother’s heart broken, her family left bereft.


In a world where the relationship between nature and humanity relies on mutual trust and respect, can that alliance survive such treachery?

Eight-year-old Jarin of Deepvale, sweet, gentle, and – unlike his father and grandfather before him – not particularly gifted in any capacity, vows he will be the one to find his cousin’s stolen tree, even when he is forced to promise to stop running away from home to search for her. But all rumours of her whereabouts turn out to be false, and all trails grow cold. 

The sudden death of Ravik, Morene’s ruling prince, overshadows the hunt for the lost sapling, and the elevation of Romarus, Ravik’s eldest son, means that Deepvale is no longer a favoured holding; despite his Silvanan heritage, Jarin’s father, Lesandor, no longer has a place at the centre of power. 

As Jarin grows towards manhood, Lesandor’s focus shifts to keeping his son from Romarus’ attention. A sojourn in the neighbouring – treeless – island of Gerik promises to be the solution to that problem, until Jarin makes a terrible discovery relating to the missing sapling, one that could spell disaster for the tenuous peace that exists between the two lands. Only if he is prepared to sacrifice his personal happiness might Jarin be able to fulfil his childhood vow, and, in doing so, be the one to stand between darkness and light.

To make matters worse, another discovery – an ancient scroll relating to a long-forgotten piece of essential tree-law – threatens to throw Morene into political turmoil. Even the intervention of the Silvanii might not suffice to prevent civil war as Morene’s ruling family is torn apart by misread star-sight prophecies and paranoia in equal measure. 

But, beneath Gerik’s barren soil, something vital is stirring; tendrils of hope are reaching out. If he can stay constant and resolute, Jarin might well become all that he ever dreamed … and more. 

Praise for the Silvana Chronicles

Finalist in The Wishing Shelf 2016 book awards
Awarded 5 Stars by Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews & Awards


If you only read one book this year, read Silvana – Chris Drew

In Silvana, Belinda Mellor has created more than an entertaining read. She has created something beautiful. Brett Adams (author of Blood and Ink – Fremantle Press)

The characters are beautifully created and believable. This series takes you on a journey rich in its conservation message, and historical lore. I loved this book, and found it difficult to put down. Definitely one of the best books I have ever read.
Vicky Hawkey (Nelson Library)

First, wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the two Silvana books … I couldn’t put them down. Ya done good, lady!
Katherine Kurtz (NY Times bestselling author of the Deryni Chronicles) From private correspondence.

"I love how this will stay with me, there is a magic to your writing and characters that is potent … it’s one of the best books I’ve read, hands down. I can’t wait for the next."

"… the writing is masterful, strong and heart breaking but not sentimental."

"Please, please tell me there’s another book."

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