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The Silvana Chronicles: Book 2

The Turning

The seasons turn; Turning and Greening and one more Turning and Lesandor will reach manhood.


Though I would keep him at home forever, I must not.
He has hardly any friends his own age; he is forever in the woods.

Lesandor of Deepvale, human son of a Silvanan mother, wants nothing less than the life his father, Fabiom, enjoys: to be loved by one of the beautiful and powerful Tree Ladies and to spend as much time in the Wildwood of Deepvale as possible.

First he must discharge the debt incurred when the heir of Windwood lost his mind attempting the very same quest. But Lesandor is very much his mother’s son, and while his grace and talents win him friends, they also bring trouble his way. Enamoured with his ‘guest’, the new holder of Windwood is very reluctant to let Lesandor return home at all. As Lesandor’s life begins to unravel, he makes one, final, desperate attempt to reclaim control of his destiny. It is a decision that will face his father with an impossible dilemma: must Fabiom sacrifice his only child, or commit the ultimate atrocity?

Praise for Silvana: The Turning

"I love how this will stay with me, there is a magic to your writing and characters that is potent … it’s one of the best books I’ve read, hands down. I can’t wait for the next."

"… the writing is masterful, strong and heart breaking but not sentimental."

"Please, please tell me there’s another book."

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